Well, another disaster

So I demanded a full under X-ray from the hospital group even if I pay for it myself at a cost of 400 quid!!!! I was just getting fed up of the unknown of if am adjusted right or not and also I’m out of package now so instead of continuing with the hit and miss approach I thought it was worth it for the accuracy and reassurance.

A little back story first though…

A couple of weeks ago I went for another adjustment, I was feeling like shit about the whole thing and beginning to gain weight for the first time in 4 years and, quite frankly, it was scaring the life out of me. Not that anything was wrong, oh no that didn’t bother me, but the worst thing that could ever happen was for me to creep all predictably back to 21st (and then some) like all other times in my life. So I had low expectations and to be honest was pretty darn down in the dumps.

So I trot into the clinic where when am seen it is confirmed my band is leaking, about a mil down this time. So I’ve decided to just sort this out once and for all and pay for a bloody fluoroscopy, this has turned out to be a good decision, I’ll tell you why.

Living near Newcastle, I’m told the nearest place I can have adjustment under X-ray done is at Leeds Nuffield Hospital, about a two and half hour drive there and as much back, but I don’t care, I just want it seen to. So I pay the money over the phone and receive my appointment for a week later. The morning of the appointment I set off, not eating a thing but drinking plenty water, if only to stave off the hunger pangs. I arrive at the hospital in the nick of time and am quickly seen into radiology and the lovely radiologist and assistant begin to prep me. I explain my plight and he sets to having a gander inside me while I drink the most vile gloopy “contrast” fluid (barium I think). “Big swallow” he says, encouraging me to down the whole mouthful so he can see its passage through my upper gut. “Yes, that’s very little restriction there, let’s see what’s in there and get you adjusted up”. I’m jabbed with the now expect needle and he checks the fluid, I’m two mils down on my last check so I’ve a leak for sure but from where he says will be hard to tell as it’s too hard to see with slow leaks like mine. Fucking brilliant! My band is broken and I’m thinking how much this is now going to cost me, even though I’ve not done anything to break it yet it’s going to cost me to be opened up and refitted. Anyway, my disappointment is distracted while I’m adjusted to optimum under X-ray. 8.5 mils as it happens in my 14 mil band gives me optimum restriction and I’m set at that before leaving the hospital, so all I have is my ideal sweet spot, god knows how long will last! and a mind full of disappointment, anger, confusion and worry about how I proceed.

So essentially, like a bike tyre, I’ve a slow puncture, one which unless I tend to I could just top up regularly to keep me on the road or, still metaphorically speaking, change the tube but that takes me off the road for a while and also costs money.

The hospital group have dropped a few clangers with me lately of which I won’t go into on here for fear of jeopardising my case, but I’m determined that they put this right at their cost. I’ve yet to call them but intend to this weekend.

Two years in to the day, and I’m 6lbs down in total. I feel like A. FUCKING. FAILURE.


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