Awful time lately

Well, I’ve just been having a rubbish time of late. I’m struggling to lose weight even though I’m consuming way less calories than I should be and still exercising at least twice a week. So 4 weeks ago I decided to log everything like I used to, which worked out well for me in the past, but this time this log would be so that people would believe that I am not a secret eater or somewhat oblivious to what I am eating, as I feel I need external help but worry they won’t believe me when I ask for it.

So with myFitnessPal app I’ve been weighing, scanning, recording and reviewing everything that I have ate, drank or otherwise and bar two days where I was at a wedding I ate below 1500calories. My base amount is calculated at 2560 so this is more than a 1000calorie deficit meaning in theory I should lose 7000 calories of fat a week or 2lbs…how much have I lost in 4 weeks? 1lb.

Before having the band fitted I had lost rather easily it would seem over 4 stone in a year or so by diet and exercise and when I begun to plateau I was so fearful of regaining I got the band for two reasons, to continue a with the push I needed and to stop me piling weight back on as I had so many other times. The reality of it is since getting the band two years ago, I’ve lost about a stone in total.

So the one fault I have in my diet is that I have always believed you should be able to eat everything in moderation and therefore provided I’m eating within my calorie allowance nothing is off the menu. I know I have a massive sugar addiction which I’ve tried to kick on numerous occasions without success. The addiction only manifests itself in two ways. 1) I love a cup of tea with 2 sugars, and this cup of tea is my rock, my crutch if you like. It gets me through the day, even if I only have one a day, I have to have it. 2) after a savoury meal I’ve always punctuated it with something sweet like a yoghurt or a bit of chocolate – this currently adds anywhere between 100-300cals to my evening meal, which I do account for in my allowance but I think now I’m probably taking the piss with the sugary foods now and wondering if this blatant sugar junky denial is what is keeping me from weight loss success. I will be honest with you, imagining my life without sugar is not a very pleasant thought for me but one I have to conquer.

So I’m going to extend my 4 week tried but this time removing as much sugar as possible and see if my difference.20140614-105000-39000771.jpg


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