Fatboy can run!

fatboys can run
run fatboy run


Well, this week the snow has ruined my usual weekly exercise regimen (50mi cycling, 60mins football), but that’s not stopped me from getting on the treadmill.  Being the 17st6lb dude that I am, i find running difficult, but am slowly getting better at it.  It kills me, but nobody said it would be easy!

Anyway, one of the things that kept my mind off the monotany of running on a treadmill today was thinking up parody song titles/lyrics for weight loss motivation.  I thought i would share them with you as a bit of light-hearted fun.

First off is We Built This City, by Starship.  I cant help but to sing the words “I built these titties on sausage rolls”-  in reference to my man boobs (moobs) that i so desperately want to lose 🙂

Then next, i stole from Chris Moyles show but it sticks in my mind now everytime i hear it.  Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 has become “i got them moobs like Jabba!”, again in reference to my moobs 😦

Then lasty, I absolutley positively LOVE working out to Eye of the Tiger by Survivor – but now i’ve reworded “its the eye of the tiger” to “two pies and a tizer” my once favourite tipple at the chipshop!!!

Anyway, thought i’d share these with you, would love to hear any of your suggestions.



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