Dietician from Hospital Group

Well today has been hectic, my band is still not giving me any queues and I’ve been up to my neck at work.  The one thing that has made it less tolerable though is missing another dietician appointment.

Part of the Hospital Group package I bought was 2 years of Dietician Support and it is over the phone which is a bit strange.  The girl who I deal with is lovely but I can’t help feeling they’re a waste of time.  For 3 years I’ve counted calories and could tell you within 10 kcal what is any food stuff.  So i sometimes feel I’m wasting my time talking to someone who tells me what I already know.

Nevertheless, because of my job and my strict secrecy on the band, I struggle to take the calls at work.  All meeting rooms are full and anywhere I go there’s one of my colleagues, even though I’ve had advanced warning of the appointment its not always convenient.  What is worse is that when you miss a call they automatically schedule in a new one which is usually no use.  For example my diary is back to back full of meetings save for the half hour I blocked out for dietician call.  I couldn’t take the scheduled call so they sent an appointment for an hour later which I could not take, this repeated 3 times in the day, meaning I missed all 4 calls.  Am not sure i
am actually that bothered.  Probably unfair and after the day I’ve had I haven’t spared it much thought, will reconsider tomorrow.


One thought on “Dietician from Hospital Group

  1. I think the only people that the dieticians appointments benefit are te ones that get a lap bad as their first resort. (Seems to be most people apart from us). The appointments suck.

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