Just my luck

Well since my second fill I’ve noticed a feel fuller quicker, not massively but noticeably so I’m feeling better about it working.  Am not losing much on the scale but patience will prevail.

Anyway, on Sunday I’m chewing on a bit of chicken and I feel a shard of tooth come off one of my bottom rear teeth.  Incredible pain soon ensues and am now looking down the face of a massive dentist bill.  With the side I chew on now out of action and me being required to chew my food thoroughly means am limited to what I can eat.

I get an emergency appointment with my dentist, i only signed onto this dentist a few weeks back so haven’t seen him before, so I have got a raft of paper work to complete when I walk in the door.  One of the questions is, “have you recently had any major surgery in the last 6 months?” And I think “shit”. My boss recommended this dentist and knows him very well, if I tell them I’ve had gastric band is it likely to get back to her? Across the top of the sheet it says “confidential patient survey” and I think that dentists must be bound by the same rules doctors are around patient confidentiality, nevertheless I hesitate to be honest but then I tink what if I spaz out on the chair and they have to insert some tubes or whatever and my withholding of information puts my life at risk… fuck it! I signed it.  Slowly beginning to regret it now though as i can’t trust they keep their mouths shut.  Anyhoo, temporary filling in place and an xray means am back for more treatment next week.  Can’t chew much food at moment, probe a good thing.


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