Why I chose to hide my procedure

Before opting for surgery I shed 50 lbs on my own with diet and exercise, I cycle a lot and just watched my caloric intake, but I started to plateau and with less victories on the scale I slowly became absent minded when it came to my food choices. I’d considered the band 7 years ago.  I was quoted £8k by Bupa and the closest centre was Leeds.  I visited for a consultation and booked my procedure but was soon persuaded not to by mainly I’ll informed family (remember at this time, a gastric band or lapband as it was known then, wasnt very well known.  No celebs had come out such as Fern, Anne Diamond or Sharon Osborne, so it seemed very drastic to anyone who knew little about it and that was pretty much everyone i spoke to.

This time around, I knew I had to do something as I didn’t want to put all the weight back on as I did in other times, so maybe I see the band as a silver bullet even though I know it is not supposed to be.  My closest friends would be shocked i’d even have been bothered by my weight. I’ve always been that fat funny guy who laughs it off and my family have seen me lose so much on my own that ‘ probably not see the point.  Hence this time I’ve done it without anyone knowing, mainly for the fear of admitting failure to everyone who knows I’ve been banded but could see I’ve not lost weight. I’d rather be known as just overweight as opposed to the guy that eats so much that even gastric surgery couldn’t help him.

So the secrecy comes from a fear of failure but also the shame of having to have surgery to stop me eating.  I’m not sure how i will grow to feel about this in the future.  Any other secret bandits out there?


4 thoughts on “Why I chose to hide my procedure

    1. hi libs, how are you finding telling anyone? Ive even avoided going to my gym while my scars are still visible in case someone from work sees me… it can be quite tricky cant it 🙂

      1. How long ago was your op?? I can’t see my keyholes anymore but where the port is I have about a 5cm scar.. my surgeon put this under my boob so my bra/togs can hide it! I might tell people when I start to get the “god you have lost so much weight” comment but at the moment you can’t see a change so I won’t!

      2. I was banded two months ago, am due my second fill next week. I can pretty much eat anything I want just now so still have no restriction. My scars are still a little red ATM. 🙂

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