The Hospital Group


When I originally decided to get the band but didn’t go through with it, the hospital group weren’t doing the procedure.  Bupa in Leeds was the closest to me and the first consultation I went to with them the surgeon was in the south of France and failed to tell me, or the receptionist, who had me sit waiting for him for an hour before telling me he was out of country. I’d driven all the way down there from Newcastle so the experience was shit to say the least.

So when finally deciding to get the band a few years later, the hospital group were two grand cheaper than my bupa quote solo thought it was a good deal.  They also had a presence in Newcastle so I thought fills would be easy.  However, some people on the forums talk quite negatively about them so was dubious at best.

After going through my procedure with them I’m pleased to say they’ve been pretty good.  They’ve not been spectacular but not sure what they would have to do to be as such and have certainly surpassed Bupa’s calamitous approach first time round.

So I thought I’d summarise below my negative and positive feedback for anyone else contemplating.

When discussing with the bariatric nurse at my consultation it was very rehearsed, like from a script.
I didn’t get to know my surgeon until I booked my date
The drivers are discrete but the bloody massive hospital group lanyards probably gave my neighbours something to gossip about.
When getting my bloods done the doctor didn’t wear gloves, and when he put a dressing on he used about ten meters of tape, on a hairy arm that’s a fucking stupid thing to do.  I was cursing him when removing it ten mins later.
The shower in my room was crap with no pressure
I felt like I was on a production line
The night staff were pretty cold and not incredibly caring.
Not enough dressings given for post op.

Good value travel package
Nice cars
Drivers were great
Daytime nurses were lovely
Lots of information on website
Good support package for fills
Local support for fills
Clean hospital
Spacious room and bathroom
Comfy bed


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