WARNING: Avoid using Hydrocolloid Dressings on Your Incisions!

Well, day 2 and i’ve been given some dressings  by the Hospital,  the trouble with them are that they get wet as they arent waterproof.  So me being me, i nip to boots and try and buy some water proof ones.  Well i see this box of dressings that are waterproof, anti infection, even help reduce scarring…allegedly.  They are Hydrocolloid dressings.  Well, i soon regretted using them, and this is why:

From the minute you put them on, they feel robust and comfortable and are pretty waterproof.  But what i didnt notice underneath is they actually keep the wounds m0ist, this is supposed to speed up the healing proce.  However!  They also dissolve the surgical glue that Mr Halstead had very dilligently applied instead of stitches, i found this to my dismay after a couple of days and the edges of the dressing were starting to peel up from the showering and i pulled one off.  First of all it friggin’ hurt, and blood was pouring out of me.  Luckily id picked up some normal dressings so grabbed one and stuck it over the bleeding wound.  I was worried sick, have i opened my port incision?  Am i now going to get an infection? Holy shit.

My wound started to hurt for the next day but eventually healled very well.  When the nurse saw my wounds for the first time the other week, she said theyd healed “beautifuly” so that was reassuring, however i wanted to share this with any of you considering getting these ‘miracle’ dressings.  Seiously, dont! 🙂

not for deep surgical wounds, such as those from gastric banding!

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