So now what?

So I’m banded, I’ve not slept well, the journey home was OK and Rhys? Was right about the cushion, I asked the nurse for one and driver said he would bring it back.  It was useful for resting my hands on so that they weren’t hitting my wounds which are quite sore.

I get home and the driver helps me to the door with my bags, I’m worried my neighbors see, the drivers all seem to be good at being discrete except they wear massive lanyards holding their ID saying ‘hospital group’.

I’m tired and hungry, but in too much discomfort to eat.  I go upstairs and go to bed.

I wake up and am thirsty and hungry, I go downstairs and try and have some tomato soup, I have a bit but the wind pain is killing me. The one horrible thing about this surgery is the bloody wind pain.  Its like a stabbing in my shoulder joint.  The carbon dioxide used to inflate my stomach during surgery tickles a nerve in the diaphragm and manifests itself in pain in the left shoulder.  Its bloody awful at times.  I find burping helps.

My port incision hurts and it uncomfortable to move around, however not unbearable. Getting in and out of bed or off the settee is a bit of a drama but as I find out, it gets better.


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