My first fill

Well, my first fill couldnt come soon enough.  I was finding i could eat anything and was told i had been fitted with an empty 14ml ban so i knew it was unlikely ot make much difference, but i just wanted to feel something to know its all working.

I arrived at the Newcastle office for The Hospital Group, its a lovely place in center of town.  I introduced myself at reception, there’s a receptionist there who is by all accounts drop dead grogeous who i remember from my consultation.  She tells me to take a seat at the end of the corridor and wait for the nurse.  Shortly after i hear the noise of high heeled feet coming along the corridor and im greeted by my nurse. She’s very pretty, slim and well turned out – recurring theme here i think to myself.  I always think that (stupid i know) these good looking slim human beings must snear about me behind my back at how hopeless i am for being overwieght and not being able to ‘just stop eating’, im sure am just paranoid but i’ve always been like that.  Anyway she seems very personable and im obviously just being a fool.  She sems very  understanding as she talks me through the process.

She asks me to take off my shirt and lie back on the bed, by this point am quite shy about removing my shirt, especially infront of a stranger but even more so, a pretty stranger just amplifies my nervousness.  However, i do so and make some nervous small talk as i normally do, but my voice is clearly breaking and shed be a fool not to realise im shitting myself.  She feels around for my port and finds it quickly, she asks “would you like to feel it? give me your hand” i thought this was great and gladly obliged, i could feel the little Rolo sized port and noticed it didnt really hurt when i pressed.  She soon was sticking in the needle “sharp scracth”…i wish care professionals would reword that as it never prepares me, a shar scracth it isnt but its not a stabbing pain either, its more like wasp sting. She gets it first time and puts in 4ml.

If you havent guessed, this fill was done without x-ray.  this seems to be common practive now, little and often is the mantra they follow.  I ask inquisitively “how do you know you’ve got the port”  she tells me that she normally sees air bubbles bubble into the syringe and this indicates a hit, in a filled band this is saline she would see.

Im taken back down the corridor and asked to drink a cup of tea, i ask for water and have to drink the cup fine without issue before im let go.  As expected i couldnt feel any restricion with the water, so booked my next appointment and off i pop.  4ml in and no difference so far.


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