Well…I think I’ve had a band fitted

I wake up in a haze and I’ve a god awful dry mouth. It’s a blur what’s happening, there’s a nurse with me but I don’t realise which one and am not sure where I am, as soon as am awake im being wheeled to my room in my bed. I notice my stomach is really sore and im really thirsty.  I’m in my room and im brought some water.  It’s like mana from heaven im so thirsty. I take off my oxygen mask and have a sip, lush (I hadn’t had a drop to drink for at least 12 hours). I ask the nurse to pass my phone from my bag so I can text my girlfriend to let her know am ok. She leaves the room and I have a sneak look at my stomach to check if I’ve been ‘done’ or not. I notice 5 dressings, a bit lower down than id expected but they look like incisions to me. That’s it then, im done.

I’m in pain and thirsty but I lie back and snooze, for the next hour or so I snooze through a nurse coming in and taking my BP, I don’t know how many times, i remember she comments how well its coming down as it was a bit on the high side before I went to theatre.

Soon after a new face appears (shift swap?) She offers me a cup of tea and my eyes light up “ooh yes please”. The tea arrives and i sit up…fuck me! it hurts in my stomach muscles sitting up. It hurts bad, not intolerable but just bloody uncomfortable. The tea tastes good however and nearly makes me forget the discomfort. I ask the nurse if I can walk about, my voice is really a i suspect from the tubes they must have inserted in surgery. She says I can walk about but I need to let her know so she’s there when i stand up. I leave it a while but the wind pain in my left shoulder is causing me some discomfort so I press my buzzer and she comes and helps me up.  She unhooked my drip and hands it to me and i stand off the bed, it’s not too difficult but im a bit wobbly on my feet from the anaesthetic. I make a couple of steps and im ok, the nurse leaves the room and pace around with my drip in hand and decide to call my other half.  She wants to see my incisions so i take a photo in the mirror, im still surprised at their location.  I’m starting to feel a little better.  I also notice that no Iodine has stained my Calvin Klein pants, RESULT!  I feel tired quickly and so go back to my bed and pop the TV on and hunker down for the night.

My incisions
These scars must be where the band is.  A bit lower than i thought

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