the day of my surgery

Id received a call yesterday from the hospital group to tell me to expect my driver somewhere between 6 and 6.30 am, id asked if I would be on my own for the 4 hour journey from Newcastle to Birmingham and she said “yes”.  That’s great I thought, as I wanted some ‘headspace’ beforehand and being on my own in the car down there would give me it.

So right on cue at 6:30am my driver Rhys?Reese? Or Reece? Called to say he was outside, I knew this already as I was sat waiting looking out the window when a very nice VW Passat pulled up.  So out I pop, I kiss my girlfriend and my 9 week old son goodbye.  Rhys? carries my bag and puts it in the boot.  Soon we’re on the A1 making good progress.

My driver is a hoot, we’re sharing stories on the way down and having good old manly banter, he takes my mind right off the procedure.  When we get nearby he begins to give me a rundown of what will happen and a few tips for me while there.  He advises me to ask for a pillow when coming home so I take a mental note.

We soon arrive at Dolan Park on a gorious day at about 10.30 and I’m checked in. Within minutes a doctor takes me into a side room and takes 3 vials of blood, his english isnt too good and he’s not wearing gloves, he’s friendly enough but the gloves thing makes me wonder about cleanliness a bit.  Soon after ive given bloods a nurse comes and escorts me into a lift up to my room for the day.  The place smells clean and not like a hospital, more like a hotel, this is reassuring to me.  “This is where you’ll be spending most of your time at Dolan park.” as she pointed me to my room.  I’d been warned that as a low risk patient (30 yr old with bmi 36 and usually fit and well) i’d be last to operated on so I was expect a long wait.  No problem, I’ve a TV in my room and the Olympics is on. RELAX!


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